"Anyone know if anyone associated with this company has jumped yet"

Yes, indeed, cabs, yes, indeed. Should be lotsa jumpers.


In the IR department alone, Fraser, Timothy and Sean likely jumped for joy, as the 15th is payday.


In the director/CEO/drilling department, rumour has it that James Francis Callaghan didn't just jump for joy, he high-fived it as he skipped off to the bank with his cheque(s) as the 15th is likely his payday, with maybe reimbursement of expenses on a bi-monthly basis, too.


On the flip side of that, I'm wondering when the Canada Revenue Agency is going to jump on BGM, BCK and GCC for the outstanding flow-through debts...and what about the employee withholdings?


And then there's that long-standing and over-riding concern: it's pretty easy to jump into the BCSC/TSX doghouse, but seemingly impossible to jump back to trading status again!!!