Doc, I think you're way over estimating the role the BCSC is playing in this whole affair. The BCSC enforces the securities act, end of story. NI (as in National Instrument) 43-101 is part of the securities act. In other words, it's not some arbitrary set of rules made by 'pencil necks" at the BCSC, it's federal law enforceable throughout Canada. The BCSC's powers do not extend beyond that, and if they did try to take out some sort of personal vendetta against FC as your suggest, any decent company lawyer would put a stop to that immediately. More realistically, I would not be surprised if the BCSC sent BGM the list of issues with the report back in August and hasn't given the company a second thought since. They are more than likely waiting for a report just like everyone else. Not like they don't have any other companies to worry about...have you ever looked at how many companies are CTO'd at any given time? 

Besides that, I don't ever recall the BCSC rejecting another report because they didn't want to see a new world class discovery...their jobs depend on the success of the mining industry just like the  rest of us.