Read the fine print people!

"have been retained by the company over the years, and some more recently...".  Nowhere does it say that anyone besides Snowden (+/-Geox) is working on the report.

BGM does not have an army of consultants backing PG's work, they are simply name dropping every contractor that's ever worked on the property in an attempt to try and give it some validity.  In addition, most of the company's named have absolutely nothing to do with resource estimates. Not sure what Lorax (purely environmental)  would contribute to supporting PG's work, and ALS and Inspectorate offer analytical services only...I guarantee that most of these guys would not appreciate being mentioned in this context.

One more point on fine print.  The Longwave article is a paid advertisement done by a bunch of non-geologists...nothing more.  Read the disclaimer:

"Long Wave Analytics Inc., its affiliates and/or their respective officers, directors or employees may from time to time acquire, hold or sell securities mentioned herein. In addition, the companies referred to herein may pay a fee to Long Wave Analytics Inc. to be listed on"

Had BGM been trading, they would have been slapped down by the BCSC for such a promotional article (and yes, if they pay for it they own it). I still fully expect that they will have to issue some sort of retraction of the article prior to the CTO being lifted.

Not bashing, just being realistic. These are the things people genuinely concerned about their investment should be questioning rather than spending their time spouting off random blue sky numbers in order to make themselves feel better.