"If we can interpret that data ahead of the crowd, we can even make money on not finding a discovery,” Cook said. The key is to find the “fatal flaw” and sell when you recognize something is going on.

If you recognize that things are going to continue to get better, add to that position. If you find a company and you can’t find a fatal flaw, that’s when you buy. Remember, Cook urged, real discoveries are very rare. He emphasized that it is also important to consider value as a lot of quality assets are on sale right now"

And, right now, BGM has a terrible financial position as is shown on it and its subsidiaries' financial statements; likely has a horrendous (but unrevealed) monthly cash outflow; likely has some (but unrevealed) revenue from production which has unrevealed cost of production; 20-per-cent interest on funds advanced by a director who is paid about $30,000 per month from BGM and its subsidiaries...and the CTO, which is tied into a legendaty-but-unknown-to-investors Snowden/Geoex resource estimate, stops locked-in shareholders from protecting their capital.