"...The reason is it being mill first to make is easier to ship to QR mill. ..."


Forgive me but your english is sometimes hard to decifer...I think you mean they are doing the stockpile at qr first because no hauling is required...well ok, but they talked of BL in 2011...when will hauling start?

Hauling has started. Milling  is used to reduce the size of the material and make it easier to transport.

Larger loads less trucks. Cost less. Initial milling process at the BL. Transports over and stockpile at the QR mill. Process at QR.  

"..Third the roads are about to become impassable. The snow melts and the so called roads become unusable for about 6 weeks. Most companies run the trucks and create a backlog of material for this period.."

They were hauling the material from the northern zone and that what being mill now.  Hauling for the tailing pond at QR & BL, rebuilding the road. Only so much equipment and so much money. All this infastructure is needed but takes equipment away from milling and drilling.

Wait now, I always assumed that the ore from QR was local and did not need (significant) hauling.

Moved from the northern zone to the stockpile areas.  It does  take time. 

Are you saying that mining 70K tons from BL, plus 'some amount' from QR will exceed thier hauling permit, such that they cannot do both the 70K tons from BL AND QR in the same year????

BL the hauling amount period runs from May 2012 to April 2013.  Once the road becomes usable again I believe new 70K tons is available.   Company is looking at the QR mine and at location nearer to the mine to offset any downtime.  Can they do both? Yes , milling is ramping up as I stated  but question is do you want production or exploration.  Money and equipment for production cannot be used for exploration.  Trade off are coming. The company wants to return to exploration.