Any thoughts or theories on why BGM is not mining/milling BL (permitted for over a year now)?

I mean its a much higher grade than QR, so why not drop a few truckloads into the QR mill, reap the reward, increase cash flow....t?

Increased cash flow would 'light-up' the stock screeners board...not that it matters in CTO....but why mess with low-grade QR?


Tuning the mill?

BL to be package and Sold?

Occam's Razor...
I would theorize the 18mo sideways price action in the end product value, aka Gold, which has relieved the OB from the rush to $1,928 18months ago.
There's no rush to get product to the market when pricing power is stagnant!  Frank knows better days are ahead.  His job is not to just find and define Barkerville resources, he also is supposed to skillfully and profitably maximize prices realized after the pour.
Frankly (pun alert) I would expect the CEO of our gargantuan gold deposit to be very much aware of the price of his finished goods/product.  Same as I expect Apple & Chrysler, to conduct marketing studies to see what price point iPad's would fly off the shelves, and cars out of the showrooms.
Think about it:  (Gold) miners create the only product that does NOT have to operate on a Wholesale/Retail price model after "manufacturing" such as other manufacturers must do, in order to match supply with demand.
Therefore, this is a "miner's market."  A lovely 12+year miner's market.  With plenty of years to go.
Furthermore, it is entirely customary to save high grade material for processing when prices are low, and mine/process low grade material when prices are high. 
Counter-intuitive? Yes? 
Historically established precendent for operating in this counter-intuitive manner?  YES, and for decades now!