Thanks for your response.


"...BL required a tailing pond . Completed I think last week. ..."

Umm, ok buy why was this not mentioned back in 2011?

"...The reason is it being mill first to make is easier to ship to QR mill. ..."

Forgive me but your english is sometimes hard to decifer...I think you mean they are doing the stockpile at qr first because no hauling is required...well ok, but they talked of BL in 2011...when will hauling start?

"...Second a reclamation bond. Bgm needs to pay to clean up the site before it can mine. One time payment but you need to have the money up front..." Ok I can buy that they are cash strapped...

"..Third the roads are about to become impassable. The snow melts and the so called roads become unusable for about 6 weeks. Most companies run the trucks and create a backlog of material for this period.."

Yes, typical for oil or mining however, they had money for reclamation in 2012 and they could have hauled and stockpiled it a year ago right?

"...Four they are limit to the amount they can ship. Per year. Milling at BL hopefully will increase the quality of the material going to the QR mill..."

Wait now, I always assumed that the ore from QR was local and did not need (significant) hauling. Are you saying that mining 70K tons from BL, plus 'some amount' from QR will exceed thier hauling permit, such that they cannot do both the 70K tons from BL AND QR in the same year????


Please clarify... thanks again.