(because it's ... ummm ... "personal" )

since mid September. It is the only board he posts on at SH since being hired as a basher of BGM. He has stooped as low as a basher can go to try discredit this company and it's management (and their relatives) and the longs on this board ... the output of a real low-life paid toady, and what is known as a c-grade basher. He has round 500 posts since mid September - most of them repeating the same negative and irrelevant drivel ad nauseum. He's closing in on 60 ignores all from this board.

I know ... bashers ...it is hard to believe how psychologically maladjusted some people can be, how others of the same ilk (who don't like dirty work) use this weakness of character, and what it allows them to try do together to screw others ... sad.

This just in!! Now Halcro tells us he is here because This is strictly personal now, between me and the chimps. (full laughable post linked below). Wow! When this Toadie gets "personal" he really gets personal full time!!

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