@ 2guys, “I admit halcro's intentions are transparent”


Mind filling me in on what my intentions are?


I was attracted to this by the petition filed on behalf of Rex Harbour. Intrigued that someone would buy seven million shares in BGM (which really does have a hilarious history over the last two decades), I looked at the latest reincarnation of the Barkerville phoenix a phoenix is a long- lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn).


I started poking around and ran across D & D and M Partners...and the mind-boggling number of shares which they’ took possession of during the last couple of pre-CTO years.

Of course, that led to the Sedar and Sedi filings and even more hilarity (though not as a taxpayer who may have to pick up the unpaid flow-through and unremitted withholding liabilities).


And, wishing to share the hilarity with the board, I made a few posts...and ran across an organized pump operation such as I hadn’t seen since the RS and MSQ glory days. And, of course, a chimp attacks first, without asking the shift supervisor if he should be attacking, or determining who he’s attacking.


This is strictly personal now, between me and the chimps (some of whose posting styles I recognize from the RS and MSQ days). Someone must be passing out Kool-Aid to keep the BS alive, and that someone may well end up getting hoist on his own petard.


My ignore list is huge, but then there’s a huge number of chimpers, right?


As to your shares; they’re CTO’d, as is everyone else’s (except for those mysterious movements on the TSX.V short position). February came and went, with nothing of any relevance to CTO’d shareholders. FC is likely still getting his $30-odd K per month; it seems that dad’s son is in Toronto at the PDAC, so he’s likely getting paid, and then there’s that mysterious Snowshovelling Susie whose photo popped up on the company website for some reason, who’s likely getting paid for her endeavours, too.


What are your intentions, outside of making the following post? Should the underlying assets end up over with GCC, will you purchase paper in GCC to take part in the Cow Mountain cash cow?


"As for intentions, what do you think FC's intentions are since securing all of BGM's assets for his arm's length loan, pouring I believe so far 1 gold bar, which he's holding in that picture like he actually owns it (that's because he does doesn't he), and not providing an update since the last news stating that management expected they would have a BCSC accepted report filed by now?"