... attracted to this halted stock because of our BB activity listing. We want to thank our hyper-bashers (one page and you will know who they are ... they're not that good at what they do) for their repetitive spewings that may be a reason you are here.

Below is linked an article that will fill you in on the amazing potential of this area play - not just any area. Our CEO has been working 20 years to put our land package together, and we now control a major chunk of the historic Barkerville/Cariboo gold rush zone of the 1800s. We are discovering, through an exstensive drill program over 20 years, some of the mother-lode sources of the millions of ounces taken out of the area creeks and rivers in the first gold rush by placer mining and panning. You are now in a position to get in on the second Barkerville gold rush when this stock opens for trading.

The long halt was at the request of the BCSC who had to make sure the first wave of our big resource numbers were accurate after the BreX fiasco burned so many investors and stained the sector. Yes it's been a long halt, but when the numbers are confirmed by a Snowden independent audit it will have been worth it!!

Ian Gordon looks at various potential valuations as our ounces are proven up compliant, and at the people who have hired most of the bashers here and who are trying to steal this company while shafting all the retail investors with a massive dilution ...


Our Bashers flip flop aliases and register new ones frequently, but here is a list of most of the slimeballs who can do no better with their lives ...

Cabsav (affectionately know as CabBlab)

Halcro (Hellcrow, Scarecrow)

GoldExecute (Goldy, GoldExcuse, GE ... he's a crafty one who will try engage you in his doom and gloom)

ParsnipGuy (another alias of Halcro registered 2 days ago)

Curvature (wanders in with a lame comment now and then)

Perhaps some of the other longs can top of out list of toadies and axe-grinders if I have missed any.

Some bashers have been burned in decades past by rollbacks this company has gone through. Like most Jr Resource plays on the venture we have a few stains on our history. The slimeballs will be happy to repetitively fill you in, deflecting you from the fact we are likely sitting on the biggest gold play in BC history! . Intelligent investors know to get in very early, and play the speculation and good early drill results, or when a working mine is much more likely to be the result of a long exploration history like we have. We are pouring gold at one area of our vast land holdings, recovered by one of our 2 mills. Petulant children who don't take responsibility for their choices and mistakes carry a chip and become slime-ball bashers with an axe to grind.

Others like Hellcrow are just the amoral minions of the group trying to steal this company as revealed in the Ian Gordon link above.The numbers awaiting verification from Snowden (probably next week they will go to the company and BCSC) are 10.6 million ounces on 10% of our land package!

Now you know why this long halted play is garnering so much interest ... and because amoral losers are a dime a dozen in this corrupted world, why so many are gravitating here as bashers. Again ... we thank them for drawing your attention to this stock