If all the pros like Mr. J.Kaiser , Mr. B.Cook and all the others that post here on this form saying it is impossible basically saying there are no real big gold deposites left in the world for discovery then so be it !

But What IF : some one like FC spends close to 20 years poking holes and accumilating a large land package and in the end proves up 10.600.000 ounces , on only 10% of the claim Then what ?

and the probable that the claim  could hold up too 60,000,000 to 90,000,000 ounces this is bigger then the Bre-x Fable of 77million oz.   which traded well into the 150 plus dollar range .

now if thiz iz true 190,000,000 too 225,000,000 ounce as one speculator geo belives is possible then what ?

Placer gold found in rivers and creeks are at the bottom of mountian ranges the sources  must come  from farther up stream or leached out of the mountains over hundreds of billion or millions of years in to the valleys so if you dig into the mountain and find the source of this  placer  gold  you have been blessed with good fortunes.  always panning up stream to find the source as in the deposit.

when i was a lad , lol . i was a dirt bagger , i have staked claims in waist high snow hiked a many of properties. so i belive i have more hands on in the field then most of you that are arm chair analysis people.

cheers off to the beach this afternoon with family and friends.