CobH posts, "come on snowden...RECONCILE THOSE NUMBERS!!!!!!!"


Just in case you missed it, those numbers have already been reconciled and the report in which Snowden's reconciliation is contained is with BGM, and has been since last Friday.


Here you go (you gotta ignore the ifs, ands and buts which lard the release):



Barkerville awaits Cow Mountain draft in February

2013-01-18 20:16 ET - News Release


Mr. J. Frank Callaghan reports



As previously reported, as part of its BCSC response, the company engaged Snowden Mining Industry Consultants Pty. to assist in satisfying certain conditions of the BCSC underlying the CTO and, in particular, preparing an independent audit of the resource estimate provided for Cow Mountain, which was the subject of the company's original technical report, authored by Peter George of Geoex Ltd., which had been filed with the BCSC on Aug. 14, 2012. The company has been recently advised by each of Snowden and Geoex that they reasonably expect that a complete draft of their updated NI 43-101 report should be available for review by the company in the first week of February, such that the company reasonably expects that it might be in a position to respond fully to BCSC's technical disclosure comments and file a final and acceptable NI 43-101 report on SEDAR by the final week of February.