Here is a paste of an interview with a geologist (Peter Megaw) that kind of sums up my hope for BGM and I assume most of  you longs are hoping for the same. I have shed most of my other Jr Gold's and in hindsight so far so good, I think everyone one I have shed is down substantially from where I sold.  When you see companies like SAND/SSL tanking (down 8.5% today) you know times are bad.  Maybe it is taking so long because it is so big?!?!


DPM: Well, after the Bre-X scandal (1997) until 2003, there was simply no demand for exploration properties. The exploration business was completely in the tank and the period was referred to as "nuclear winter". The upside during that time, was that lots of very high quality properties were dropped and available for acquisition at very low costs. We had identified the potential of some of these properties and simply acquired them when nobody else wanted them---in most cases for the cost of filings fees.

Many of us have enough years in the business to realize that these things are cyclical, and there's no better time to acquire inventory then when no one wants it.

TD: What deposit characteristics have served as "must have's" for you and your team?

DPM: My long-term focus has been searching out size and grade. Everything I've ever done as an 'explorationist' has focused on finding deposits that are of high enough grade to make it under almost any market conditions, and large enough to be district-scale plays. I've never been interested in looking for the next "ore-body" or the next "small mine". I've always focused on the big plays. A big play you believe in is something fairly easy to latch onto conceptually, as well as to hang on to during tough markets.

here is link to the entire article: