no news is good news.

However, whether it be Rex, FC et al mile stones are laid for a reason. Compensation comparative with performance.

Hence over deliver and under promise. Credibility and one's expetise is called into question when the the opposite occurs.

We all, operate this way, as such fail to perform leads to being fired. Those of you on Salary / hrly suffer this situation, no one therein is beyond reproach in these matters. Now some think they are, behave with God complex's or worse....this ( provided me by a Phd in Behav. Psych after I experienced a female persona acting in a fashion that defied my understanding ) is not exclusive to women. Run away from these types. One must understand...Narcissm and Vanity to really appreciate this behaviour.

Those above accountabilty and are entitled may suffer from the above.

Great Great Great Hunting peppered with the salt of patience