Does anyone know if this from a Cow Mt trench sample and when they refer to the Cariboo Goldfields exactly what part of the property are they referring to?  All of it but the Q/R or?

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Trench Sampling at Cariboo Goldfields Returns 30 Feet of 26.8 g/T Gold in Trench 1 and 9 Feet of 97.4 g/T Gold in Trench 2

Also, I have thought all along when I saw early last year that BGM had hired Snowden, that they were doing so with the idea of marketing the Co. by using one of the most reputable names in the industry.  it is legal to do a private 43-101 for internal purposes such as marketing the Co.  Since Snowden has been working with BGM now for at least 9 months and have so much info., I am wondering if they might have completed or almost completed their own private 43-101's, while auditing the PG 43-101 as all signs seem to point out that it would be in the best interest of Frank to try and get the best offer now for the company as his days might be numbered.  There has been a recent flurry of M & A activity in the States, I am hoping that spreads over to the Jr. mining sector. Does others think Frank wants to try and sell BGM prior to any proxy fight?