(as we move closer to the Snowden/mintec / PG 43-101 report  with new cores/data included......)


Industry average is $45/ oz for an "explorer"

BGM market cap is 133M


BGM is currently "expected" to have 2.9M ounces property wide....by the market if you accept the industry average , on the likelihood of BL increasing it's resource to 150K and with BCV likely to come in at 350K minimum.....(the BCVein is the wildcard with some thinking 1M added to the current 43-101 is possible - I estimated 350k to be conservative )


market expectations are for 2.4M ounces on the upcoming 43-101 Cow mountain resource by snowden ...anything above is a bonus.....


(Many will argue that BGM deserves more or less than the industry average , all I will say is industry averages are at multi year low's and subject to market sentiment, and only used as  a simple valuation tool.....)