"Two weeks, that is all that is left, good bad indifferent, news should be out"


What news is that? Doubt if the company will release the new, hopefully compliance NI 43-101 to the public before the BCSC okays it.

I'd presume that the BCSC vetting process will be thorough; however, having said that, I'd presume that it'll be a question of checking the dotting of 'I's and the crossing of  'T's, as I don't think that the BCSC has many (if any) P Geo.s on staff.

I think that, after a six-, seven- or seven-month CTO, the company will have a lot of BCSC- and TSX.V-mandated hoops and reviews to go through.

Shareholders had better hope that concerned citizens didn't send those BCSC-critical,, PG-supporting,  on-line puff pieces from the company's paid advisor/consultant, Ian Gordon, in to the BCSC for consideration in the review process. That'd likely add considerable time to the review process, IMO