"if I really wanted to get invested with BGM I would go the Golden Caribou route since the company owns 2 million shares of BGM"

The value of two million shares of CTO'd BGM stock was zero as of August 14, 2012; however, Golden Cariboo shows, on its September 30, 2012, audited financials,that the value of its two million shares is 2,266.020, claiming, "At September 30, 2012, the fair value of a Barkerville share was $1.22 per share (2011:$1.23 quoted market per share),", which is patently incorrect, as there is no quoted market price for a CTO'd stock. Those same financials show $4,000 in current assets and $1,287,000 in current liabilities. With 13 million shares out...you do the math.