"With that said, I wonder if maybe Rexx or FC are buying up any shares OTC"


As a reporting insider, FC has an obligation to report any share purchases, anywhere, made by himself, his wife or Standard Drilling. I think that you can take it to the bank that he takes his reporting obligations very seriously.

Harbour-related entities are not reporting insiders, so they have no obligation to report any purchases.

R Harbour and Harbour-related entities (and D & D and M Partners) could likely convert warrents...both 85 cent and $1.10... during the halt, but why bother? They've got a truckload of paper already and, if the underconstruction, underwraps, eagerly awaited NI 43-101 doesn't meet shareholders' high, high and probably unrealistic expectations, the week after the CTO is lifted will likely see a bloodbath of Biblical proportions (and the flip side of that is maybe an opportunity for cheap paper for those able to puzzle out the compliant 43-101 figures).