Kayron, I am not suggesting it was too long.  In fact, if you look at the filed report, only 51 pages I think are actual comments to the resource.  The remainder are list of the drill holes.  And yes, he did get his first report CTO's at RBY for not providing a capped resource.  Yes, I have heard that grade has come in better, but you have to use actual statistical analysis (Cobalt, just for you, Science), to support your numbers.  You will also notice that in the first press release (Summary of 43-101, July 28), he tried the same thing, an uncapped resource.  The final report was significantly different than the first, but still had many issues.  The laundry list of problems is quite significant in my opinion, many of which have yet to be stated on this board.

  If you want to see what the BGM report should have looked like, download the final RBY and compare it to BGM's.  Look at all the additional analysis he did, with backed up graphics, etc.