Boss, I can only respond for my self.  I am replying directly to statements made by Marco and why he beleived that PG's report was on the money.  In particular, bench 3950.  So, I copied all the intercepts into a spreadsheet, I sorted and looked at the data.  I then looked at the report itself, in particular, some of the columns for grade.  I am sure you can multiply 2,681,000 x 0.040 and come up with the right number, even if you round.  Well as per page 11, the report doesn't compute.  Also notice on bench 3550 the Capped resource has 85,300 Oz's more than the uncapped.  I am sure even SAIL1 would agree, this can't happen.


So, I agree having all the other drill data will be very interesting to say the least.  No, I can not tell you that I know what it will be, but I can tell you that it better follow "industry Best Practices"  and not have glaring issues like the one submitted previously.   Also the drill holes that go in better have lots of intercepts that support a decent number to use for capping.