The H-bomb said I  have over 80 posts on this board.

Im feelng that is high...I may only be in the 70' I guess I have a few 'Banked' posts.

Here is one of my banked posts:

I would like to hear what GoldExecutard and the H-bomb (any version) have to say about all the new data that PG and Snowden have compiled for the report that is due out this month...?


I mean, your all talking like you are 'in the know' of the intricate details of BGM and 'THIER' leases right....I mean they must be telling you the reasons for those '-1' right.....and of course they must have filled you in as to why a 45 year veteran says there is likely over 80 million ounces in these 3 hills alone...right?

So, you must know exactly what new data will be presented in this audited report...right?


Do you think that a 45 year veteran would sign his name to a document saing 12mil up to 90 mil without evidence? Do you think such evidence might show up this month....?

Perhaps you are not in the know....who knows, perhaps you are GEO's that applied for the job but were rejected....perhaps we are now learning are not in the know?

Sit on your 'Bench' for a while and rest...the numbers should be out soon....