Disclosure>>>I have no relationship to Schwab but as a satisfied customer, years ago, they assigned me a personal local broker, he is a nice intelligent guy but I do not involve him in my venture trades, he would think I am nuts and he would be right.  If someone in US (I do not know about Canada) wants to buy BGMZF, all they have to do is to go to Schwab's website, fill out an online application for either a taxable account, a Roth IRA account or a traditional IRA account, whichever application you select will also include various disclosures they want you to fill out about your net worth and your investing experience etc. and you then send off the completed forms on line.  I think you can sign by e signature. Once the account is set up and it might take until tomorrow, they assign you an account number.  Once you have an account Number all you have to do is write a check to fund the account, take a picture of the completed check with your phone and e mail it to Schwab....you do not have to even go in. You can trade the same day as sending the photo check BUT you have to call in and ask for the Schwab foreign trading desk, even though you are in US and trading on the US OTC....  I think it goes without saying but best if I say it anyway....BEWARE YOU CAN LOSE IT ALL WHEN INVESTING IN PENNY STOCKS LIKE BGM OR BGMZF (as it is always known in the states, even when trading in CA) I can open an account in CA through a CA broker, I do not know if a CA citizen can open a US account through a US broker and buy on the OTC, but it seems it should be allowed...You cannot use TD in US period for BGMZF during the CTO as they are a CA company.  One more note,if you are new at this and still want a go at it,  NEVER PLACE A MARKET ORDER ON OTC, ONLY PLACE A LIMIT ORDER!  Good luck and I hope BGM is soon a ten bagger or more for all longs and I hope the Halcro(w) crew is short the stock.