Mike, could you try that again, as it makes no sense to me?

I think that you're saying that a new-but-compliant version of the now-audited-by-Snowden, non-compliant, ourportedly compliant Peter George NI 43-101 that resulted in the BCSC CTO in August is out in the public domain.

Can't believe that, Mike, as that's material news and surely responsible management (especially management facing an obvious proxy fight) wouldn't rely upon you to bullboard-release the news?


Don't get me wrong, Mike. I'm not carping, as you might have said almost anything in that mishmash of verbiage which you posted (it ran on like a sermon at a Holy Roller gospel meeting).. Take a deep breath (take a shot of Holy Water if it'll helpsteady your nerves), and have at it again.

Err, Mike. I know what an obvious proxy fight is (it's a proxy fight). What is an unobvious proxy fight?