Kayron, your assessment of Rex's motives may very well be correct, but your assumptions regarding PG and the technical report are not. The issues with the technical report had nothing to do with "fuzzy" wording as you suggest and everything to do with serious questions with the methodology PG used to come up with his numbers. Secondly, the BCSC is not interested in seeing a Pretium report with a BGM label, they are interested in making sure the report contains all the information it is legally required to contain. Look up Form 43-10f1, it lays out what is required in explicit detail. Clearly PG did not have a copy of this. Finally, PG was not contracted by Snowden. Snowden was contracted by BGM to audit PG's work....very important distinction there. Needless to say, it's almost certain that the BCSC will not be breaking out its rubber stamp...if they even own one.