Mr. Cobalt,  I am not up to date on the BCSC rules with regards to publishung Global numbers.  Like I said, I have not seen a top tier junior release something like that probably since 43-101 came into play.  You may find this interesting, but if you are listed on say the AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, you cant even mention indicated or infered numbers.  That is why tou see companies say not intended for US publication.  The SEC only allows measured if I remeber correctly.  I am thinking if I was a Junior and I wanted to talk about maybe some global numbers, I would want to maybe do a little bit of resource modeling around whatever holes I had and use that to talk about those possible numbers.  Better yet, I would just keep it to words like "open in all direction", "the potential to deliniate more Oz's with drilling" etc.  Again, I think the BCSC wants to curtail what they consider over speculative comments in the 43-101.  Maybe it should be left to comments in a news letter, not a formal report.