BGM receives Snowden's audited report.  I have confidence because the consultants who are reviewing/auditing are publicly reported as being able to submit the report in the first week of February.  By my calendar tomorrow is the 7th of February.  I do not think we are going to see a news release that states BGM is in possession of the new report since it was previously mentioned.  I do expect a news release when it is submitted to the BCSC.  I think if BGM and Snowden have stayed on top of things that the BCSC should not have any further concerns.  I wouldn't be surprised if there needs to be further clarification but I think that is why BGM played it safe in the news release and said that it should be in their hands first week of February and in the regulators hands by the last week.  If we are really lucky, maybe BGM gets the report tomorrow, reviews it for a few days, and submits it to BCSC next week.  Fingers crossed!