On http://demonocracy.info/infographics/world/gold/gold.html ther are good visualizations about gold. Very very impressive !!

Thereunder is our first 400oz bullion (ok, not 100% pure :-))



400 Troy Oz of Gold
999.9 Fine Bullion Bar

The Gold bar to the right is worth the $800,000 displayed on the left at $2000/oz.

The Gold bar weights 12.44 kg, 27.42lbs or more than 
3x 1-gallon milk jugs - quite heavy. 

As an investment, Gold has out performed Dow Jones for last 8 years straight.

For centuries people have tried to re-produce Gold. So far everyone has failed. Its also quite tough to re-produce digitallyl. That said if you see a shade of Tungsten color- please excuse us.