@2guys, "Just so you don't get disappointed Mikael, I'll tell you what you can expect from the BCSC."

Not true, 2guys, not true. If it's a reasoned submission (which is way above dkFoolish's capabilities), you get a reasoned response.


"We confirm receipt of your e-mail dated January **, 2013 that was addressed to TSX Venture Exchange (the "Exchange") regarding your concerns with respect to ********* ***** **** **** ( the "Company").

We advise that the Compliance & Disclosure Department of the Exchange will review and consider the issues you have brought forward to determine if there has been a breach of Exchange Requirements.  Due to our strict confidentiality guidelines we are not at liberty to disclose any information regarding any review or investigation that we undertake.   As a result, you will likely hear nothing further from us on this matter.  We will correspond directly with the Company should we decide to proceed with a formal review of this matter."


"Thank you for contacting the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) regarding ********* ***** **** **** . and ******** ***** **** ******* .


********* ***** **** **** . is currently the subject of an outstanding cease trade order issued by the BCSC on **** ** ****, and you can view the terms of this order on our web site, URL:

Complaints such as yours are important to us.  They can be the first indicator of a scam or other wrongdoing. We carefully consider each complaint.


We investigate complaints to enforce compliance with the Securities Act and to sanction securities market misconduct.  We also refer complaints to other regulatory jurisdictions or self-regulatory bodies when appropriate. Not all complaints result in an investigation or a public sanction.


Staff cannot comment on an investigation unless it becomes a matter of public record. By keeping information confidential, we protect the integrity of investigations, ensure the complaint process is not used to affect the market, and maintain fairness to those who may be the subject of a complaint that does not result in an investigation or sanction.


We appreciate that you made the effort to send us this information. We will contact you again if further information is required."