I thought you'd never ask...................

Love him or Hate him...Frank Callaghan is the only guy to run this company at this time. Do not ever vote for the dissident slate of 'officers' or vote for the Dilutative financing deal. It will take money out of your pocket!!!

This link should be re-posted by everyone, everywhere... it is a great summary and flys directly in the face of all those that have been bashing the company , the current leaders etc..    I have absolutely no link to current Mgmt, I have no link to any trading houses.... I do my own trading and I own shares in BGM!!  I also have good common sense and this article is great common sense.... in my opinion someone is trying to Steal this resource from shareholders and take money out of our pockets while they line their own!!!

READ THE ARTICLE AND REPOST OFTEN!!!!!        .............do not be mislead !!!!!