If BGM maintains production until the end of April and pouring at a rate of one gold dore every 10 days, it could generate approximately 2 million dollars by the end of April (depending on purity of gold).  I think we would be out of production again for a while after that so we will definitely need some sort of financing to keep us going.  I'm hoping that the ounces are in the ground, CTO gets lifted at least 2 weeks before AGM, sp increases to 2$+, and we see a small PP shortly thereafter of say 10 million shares.  BGM would then be in a position to continue drilling, pay Frank back, pay off any outstanding debt, complete all other reports, and more importantly, keep drilling.


I think if the above scenario was to play out...we could see a buyout 3-6 months later and hopefully that bidding war we've all dreamt about!