I think these alias' are all the same guy.  I think this guy is Grant Halcrow, DK said that several weeks back.

BigB has asked him several times about MSQ....If you go to the MSQ board, which is pretty inactive, you will see Hacrow doing the same thing there that Halcro/Riddick and Halcro1 are doing here.  In other words, he is a serial basher.  I have all on ignore, as it makes life easier...check out this post below from the MSQ board, it popped up when I googled Grant Halcrow.  If true, he is a MSQ company insider and seems to be doing the same thing here that the insiders were sued for on the other board, the companies names escape at 5a.m. And I think Fred is right about him being a candidate for a lawsuit such as happened recently to ovis.

So let us assume that the above alias' are all the same guy and that maybe this post below is correct.  If you want entertainment do not block these alias', if they get on your nerves, put all on ignore.  Many of us are on this board because we have funds tied up, some have big funds tied up.  I also think GoldExec could be an alias for ovis, his posts are close to the same style, which is informed, being polite, but ever the skeptic and of course no shares And he appeared about the time ovis disappeared.. I somewhat enjoyed ovis' posts as well as GoldX because they are informed and polite and sometimes make a good point and do not have on ignore like the Halcro babbling serial basher/poster.. This board is one of the most active on SH and the stock has not traded for close to 6 months for now, but on the OTC. And it is 5:30 a.m. on the east coast and the paper has not yet arrived, so I have to check the latest out on my most loved/hated stock.  You have to admit, at some point the shareholders long or short are going to either love or hate FC and BGM.  I wish a good report would come out by 2/14 so I could send Frank a Valentine card.  I did not send him a Christmas card as we did NOT have a very Merry Christmas as he had promised.......HALCROW/HALCRO/HALCRO1/RIDDICK PLEASE COMMENT ON MY ALLEGATIONS, ARE THEY TRUE?  You have not answered a direct question yet and I do not expect that is in a serial bashers M O.

RE: Grant Halcrow - Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited - MSQ - CanadaCached
Aug 4, 2012 – RE: Grant Halcrow ... An insider of the company who was over four years late in reporting the granting and conversion of 570,850 options.