I am sure no one will question how big of a disaster this whole thing has been.  How may investors have had siginificant funds tied up.  How many oportunities have you missed to use your money because of the CTO.  When it all comes down to it, all the responsibility falls on management.  They are responsible to make sure the 43-101 is compliant, they should know how to analyze a report.  IF FC didn't understand, he should have asked his geologist if it had issues.  His VP Ex has to take or taken any of the various classes that are offered at conventions like the recent Vancouver Round-up.  If they didn't understand the issues, they should have hired a secondary geologist to review said report.  They knew they had issues from the momment they published the summary report.  Why would they continue on the path they did for the next 45 days.  Why didn't they imed. retain Snowden to see what was going on so that they could possibly avert the 43-101, possibly a retraction before day 45... I bring all this up as many here continue to defend the actions of FC, and that in itself is appaling.  As I said before and will say again, all would be crazy to allow the Harbour Group to dilute at the proposed level.  I only suggest the company get a CEO who understands the importance of proper finances, Arms distance deals, and the ability to understand you need to have the proper staff to keep your company out of the crud.  Fundamentaly, is that not the purpose of management?  The Board better make some changes fast, or the next really huge cost to BGM will be the cost of the insurance that protects management and directors for share holder lawsuits.  The comments above are mine and mine alone.  I am not paid by anyone to post, I have no interest in who is the next chairman or other post.  I only expessing my own opinion.  Like it or not, it is just an opinion.