(an excerpt from Ian's article)

“Other existing qualified shareholders would be entitled to acquire not less than an aggregate of 10 million units at the same price.” Some large shareholders have been contacted by Peter Tomsett and the proposed underwriter, D & D Securities, and have been promised that they will be able to maintain their current equity position through their participation in this proposed financing.

Should the proposed financing proceed, not more than 5 shareholders will own more than 50% of Barkerville shares in a surreptitious takeover of the Company. Why do they want it so badly? Obviously, they know that the gold is there.

... in order to try rally enough votes for a dissident takeover, large players are being contacted with the promise their stake will - in essence - not be diluted like us retail investors. Can someone confirm?? If so, this is surely cause to contact the BCSC and ask them if current rules and regs are so stacked against the retail investor that a move like this is somehow legal?!? "And the rich get richer ..." on our backs?!?


Here is contact info posted by BigBab a while back for the BCSC ... if someone can confirm my interpretation above is corrrect, my email will go out today ... join me if you agree the 99% have taken up the you know what long enough from the 1%.



[email protected]



Please direct any questions you may have about this review process to:

Robert Holland
Phone: 604-899-6719
email: [email protected]

Darcy Krohman
Phone: 604-899-6517
email: [email protected]


And again, thoughful readers trying to make sense of the madness and moral depravity choking humanity will find this essay extremely relevant ...