To all: Please name the bashers with their nicknames, no variations

Its maybe  important, cause I mailed to BGM that bloomfield18 and halcro/halcro1 are making themselves guilty on defaming BGM .  These guys should take the 150 mio$  lawsuit of American Creek  against the bashergang of Teutone and others as a guide… Ovis did learn his lesson...BGM will investigate this. To store all defaming posts it is better, that the bashergang is named correctly, so please no doomfield (bloomfield) , Hellcrow or scarecrow ( Hallcrow, halcro, halcro1), spotboy (specboy), deadhead (redhead11111), Ridiculous (Riddick) and so on…

In Germany such an ongoing  defamation would be nearly impossible. On german boards we have guys, that supervise the boards, so they can delete all posts with misleading and defaming content. If the bashers go on with their garbage, then they will be excluded/deleted. Canada is too liberal. Those guys exploit from this.

American Creek did the right thing, maybe other companies will follow…


Regarding  halcro(halcro1):

  • He has no shares in BGM
  • He has no shares in GCC

BUT he has an agenda to influence stupid shareholdes here to vote for Rex petition. Please everybody should ask himself: Where is the profit for halcro/halcro1 ? I know it…



2/3/2013 9:07:48 PM  |  | 85 reads  | Post #32119343

This company reminds me of Bre-x. Even with the Snowden report. Even with PG. There is NO GOLD worth a buyer. Get a life. Rex will do a way better job




2/3/2013 9:24:08 PM  |  | 80 reads  | Post #32119391

What Caravan Idle? Rex has a strategy and business plan that will come out at some point. At $1.00, he is the right guy. Look at his track record with other companies. Give the guy a chanc