Get a real job!.   You are on here 24/7.    Your not convincing anyone to your side.  The poor me story is getting old.   

Poor me:   Why didnt Rexx just buy more BGM and I wouldnt have to be here!   You now  have to try to scare others into your way of thinking in order to get control.  Sad way to live in my honest opinion.  That in itself is a huge red flag against Rexx.


Heres an idea:    Vote for me(Ress) and I will dilute the share count by 85% percent and destroy your wealth.    Lets see a show of hands!    Who wants to loose their hard earned invested capital?   Vote for Rexx!

Its that simply.    Its black and white.

Vote for Rexx and his paid puppet Halcrow(Scarecrow) and have your capital wealth destroyed or go with Frank and lets get this 43-101 out and get the real value this stock deserves.