Lord, how the money rolled in, rolled in,

And, Lord, how the money rolled out!!!


Hardly surprising though, as the company did spend $202,466 on shareholder communications and advertising in the six-month period ending August 31, 2012.

Of course, that's a mere bagatelle compared to the $774,793 spent on shareholder communications and advertising in the year ended February 28, 2012, and the $677,873 spent in the year before that. There is another $1,497,376 spent on professional fees, corporate communications and other corporate administrative (PFCC&OCA) costs during that same year which ended on  February 28, 2012, and $1,376,858 in the previous year...but how much of that is for corporate communications (and exactly what comprises "corporate communications) is not broken out.

Spending $1,655,132 over a 30-month period does attract support and, even if only 30 per cent of that two-year total of $2,874,234 for PFCC&OCA, if you throw another $862,270 into the shareholder communications and advertising pot, then the grand, 30-month total is $2,517,402...0r $83,913 per month.

Shoot...$83,913  per month should buy rock star status, right? Wonder what Rex Harbour spends per month on communications, advertising and PFCC&OCA? I'll guess that  it'll be under a grand a month, if even that...and he runs an empire!!!!