As shown before, Ian Gordon, his partner, Janice Advent, and the Long Wave entities don’t seem to have done too well (and that’s putting it politely) in their in-the-public-record forays into the stock market.


If one looks at Christopher John Funston’s bio at , it seems to show much experience in the investment industry; “Government and Corporate Finance” that cashing GST and income-tax refund cheques?; and  a stint (s) as a Executive Vice President and Company president. Unfortunately, I can only find him in the CSA database as a trading partner/registered rep/etc. with Pemberton Securities, Richardson Greenshields,  Canadian Western Capital, Woodstone Capital, PI Financial, , Golden Capital Securities, Resolution Capital, Caldwell Securities and Raymond James. There is no record of him taking part in private placements as a pro or a private investor.


There is a Beverly Funston who is recorded in the TSX.V, Stockwatch and sedi databases as an officer and shareholder in a considerable number of publicly traded companies. Ian’s partner, Janice Advent, has invested in some of these companies. Those publicly traded companies which are still trading under their database names (Parallel is halted) are trading at under a dime