"He has stated his share count in BGM is 7 figures"

Anyone can say anything on the World Wide Web.

The registration database at Canadian Securities Administrators shows that Ian Alastair Gordon was an investor advisor at HSBC James Capel between May 1, 1995, and December 1, 1995; an investor advisor with Canadian Western Capital Ltd between January 15, 1996, and November 4, 1996; an investor advisor with NBCN between February 1, 1997, and June 2, 1997; a trading partner, etc. with Woodstone Capital Inc between June 2, 1997, and June 2, 1998: a trading partner, etc. with Brink, Hudson between June 9, 1998, and October 31, 1998; a trading partner at Canaccord between March 14, 2003, and July 21, 2005; and a trading officer at Bolder Investment between July 27, 2005, and January 2, 2009.


During those aforementioned periods he was a reporting pro, and his participation in BGM's  and its predecessor companies' private placements would be recorded in the TSX.V's and Stockwatch's databases,


There is no record of his taking part in any BGM-related private placements during this period.

Neither the TSX.V nor Stockwatch record Ian Gordon, his partner Janice Advent or Long Wave entities ever taking part in BGM-related private placements.

On January 27, 2012, Ian Gordon was appointed as an advisor/consultant to BGM. ,It is likely that he was granted 89-cent stock options on 2012-02-01.While he hasn't reported these options to sedi yet, he is a reporting insider of BGM and should have to report all BGM share purchases, either open market or private placement, after this date. He has neither reported the conversion of any options nor the purchase of private-placement or open-market shares since January 27, 2012.

Based upon a proponderance of probabilities, it is unlikely that Ian Gordon, Janice Advent or Long Wave personally or corporately hold any meaningful number of BGM shares.

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