Watch out...

All the bashers on this board have no single argument against Ian Gordon's latest report in which he stated Rex and his group try to steal BGMs assets by a huge dilution. Thus they didn't even try to refer to the contents of the aforementioned report, but try to undermine Ian Gordan's and Long Wave's reputation by telling us their performance was more than bad over the past years.

I for one have my own point of view and am thinking doubling one's investment every few years would indeed be a nice performance. But Ian performed much better than that:

Ian's performance during the last 13 years was more than 15k%! In other words if you would've invested $1,000 in 1999 and made the same investments than Ian, your shares would be worth more than $150,000 today.

Not as bad as hellcrow and those other bashers try to make you think, eh?