As a shareholder , i read all these stuff since August 14th but won't post often. Like many of you , i'm a little tire reading all the wording post on this board. One thing i share with Ian Gordon , no matter who he is , is the fact that eventually in the near future , the market will value BGM . 

Are we a better company now , compare to August 14th , i guess so ! Since we have been CTO'd , a lot of things happened , some good , some bad ! But at the end , the sum of these mistakes and efforts will give the right value of this company ! Without forget that we now pouring gold !

The next 43-101 , for sure will place us somewhere in the gold industry . In the bottom ? In th middle ? Or near the top in Canada ! So.. All that have been said on this board will be worthless , as we will receive the final judgement from mister Market . And from that moment , Frank's board will be accountable !

Really hope that it is the last time in my life i will be trap in such a situation !

Best luck to every one involve , including Frank and Rex ! 

The end of this Saga in your account soon !