I talked to the company late last week..They will have their hands on the report most likely this week..I sleep well as a long. Unfortunately good money and valuable time is being wasted trying to prevent a major theft of our asset and a total catasrophe with share dilution. Timing may be bad with purchase prices low but all the more reason to hang on and prove more reserves giving majors time to fully evaluate the numbers and more importantly the growth potential of the property.. IMO this company will be offered a buyout price, with huge consideration given to the potential of future ounces based the models being formulated. So much going for this property!! It is imperative that longs continue to voice their disgust with the present offer and stand behind this company. There is NO doubt that Frank and this board have our best interests at heart..We have to support them for us all the maximize our investment and the progress of Barkerville Gold Mines. I suggest shareholders call the company and give their support. There is a lot we can do as individual shareholders. Share your passion you express on this board...call the company...The ride begins now!!