"I fully agree with posters here that the Harbour Group should cancel the proposed $50 million dollar placement entirely"

Until the dissidents'  private placement proposal is provided to BGm some time before March 4, 2013, no one other than the Dissident Dream Team will be privvy to what is going to be placed before the shareholders in the next proxy circular.  Lot of water (and loads of information) under the bridge since the December BGM news release, lol...and there could be lots of damaging information floods before March 4 comes around.


Meanwhile, here's what BGM's mouthpiece, Ian Gordon, has to say about financings,  which pretty much infers that he (and does Frank, who pays the bills, agree with him, too?) asks the company to maintain the status quo (fees to Gordon and Long Wave; unlimited drilling by Standard Drilling; $6-million-a-year overheads; monstrous investor relations and travel and entertainment expenses), maybe for another 18 years, etc.?

Be careful what you wish for Ian...BGM hasn't had a rollback for a couple of years (1-for-4, Carpenter Lake in 1992; 1-for-10 in 2005; another 1-for-10 in 2009), and the share count is reaching critical mass, again.

August 15, 2005, 154,201,700 IWA shares became 15,420,017 WGM shares

January 16, 2009, 103,795-060 WGM shares became 10,379,506 WYG shares


Share count is presently 109,401,469 shares





"Money from production and a small financing would be more than sufficient to maintain Barkerville’s overhead expenses and allow for extensive continued exploration on each of the three mountains (grassy and treed hills)."