Your name must be Seinfeld as this has to be a joke.   You are telling us that we must take $1 deal from Rexx as theres nothing out there on the table.


If Barkerville comes out with anything close to 5 million ounces this stock will rocket.    There will be many people lining up to take down financings.    Just look at Golden Caribou and the top notch players there that have taken down that financing.    I would venture to guess that those individuals would be on top of the list to take down a BGM financing.  

  Not to mention a future financing would more than likely be open to all to participate rather than a select few "SO CALLED INTITLED INDIVIDUALS" who want to steal the company and make hundreds of millions in the process.

So get off your high horse Seinfeld.   Your jokes are stale and meanlinless.