Why  not prove to me Tomsett does not profit of a 1.5 billion buyout of 412,000,000.00 give or take a hundred million or so. 

You can't.

Hardco argument is Tomsett deserve this for putting up with Frank and and his rollsback.

And I am just a shareholder standing in the way of his empire, more fiction than fact.

We seem to deserve nothing base on Hardco rational. The 1-10 rollback are our fault and we deserve nothing.


I would never support this dilution no matter how long the 43-101  takes to come out. I just cannot stand the argument and the simply fact I am not one of the chosen. What makes them better than you or me.

Explain that away What makes them better than you or me. I never support Rexx because of his lack of respect for shareholder.  Is he afraid we will actual want him to work and actual deliver on his promises. You know a job.  I think he actual afraid of the shareholder. Lets see him try this without the 50million @1 proposal.

Sorry Hardco has no shares.