You are just saying the messenger is not a valid messenger. I am  saying the argument as outline in the document is correct.

It the conclusion based the argument you do not like. From Rexx perspective  this is the perfect justification of why it being done.

The argument is sound, the conclusion therefore the messenger is incorrect. Rexx subscriber is getting the same type of document with just  more applicable set of conclusion.

All of Rexx allegation  against Frank have been going for years and no one complain.  The allegation would have been the same ten years , five years,  3 year ago or even three or five years in the future. . They are simply provide a nice smokescreens  for Rexx plan. Smoke and mirror. As they say timing is everything.

One thing I like about Rexx is he make it very very good at the begin to support him. But the report seems to show how overtime this changes. The supporter begins with a bag of gold and end up with a hand of chit.

MAO is an example. Nice goodies for the directors. Dilution Dilution. If I was Rexx supporter on the BGM plan I being looking for a better deal or have a quick exit. The Rexx beneficiary club is not the shareholder. His son on MAO is a perfect example.