I found it fascinating the argument put forward, but the end result of the noise was the argument put forward was correct . Most of the basher seem too focus on the messenger.  The tactic is you don't like the message shoot the messenger. Nothing in the argument  is wrong . The same document is now in every Rexx subscriber email and is being spun as the reason to support Tompsett takeover.  The argument is being spun very likely the other way with supporting document exposing the profits to be had and the benefit to the supporters. They are probable expounding on the credentials of the author. The report is probable being spun as the last gasp of a desperate dissident. Arguments correct, it just how you want to spin it. Support of Rexx are using the same argumment to justify the deal as the otherside. It is a valid argument both way. Only the conclusion are different. 

Enjoy the show, enjoy the arguments, enjoy the conclusions. It all come down to which end of the telescope your  looking at. Rexx allegations are a convient smokescreen to justify the argument. Frank counter allegations are to go against the argument.  Same argument different perspective. Funny shooting  the messenger here praising the messenger  there.  Same argument different result. At least now the argument is front and center and not being hidden by allegations and smokescreens. It is a simple not a very elegant grab and depending on your prespective good or bad.

GLTA and it  the Superbowl. Enjoy the commercials.