> Why on earth would a major be interested in such a minuscale reserve?

Well, good question.... if one doesn't look at the whole thing.

Let's compare this to another situation:

Assume I own a really big custom made, luxory trailer. My trailer is so big, it even has some kind of small garage with enough space to carry a Smart Car along the way.

Because my trailer is custom made there is no list price one can refer to and thus I engaged a professional with creating a technical report on it to be able to estimate it's price.

At some point I'm willing to sell my trailer as a whole (i.e. including the Smart car which is parked inside the trailer's builtin garage).

Now some gloomy-bloomy person crosses my way and tries to convince me no major trailor dealer will ever buy my trailer cause the Smart in it's garage is too minuscale.

Well, in this situation I would most probably declare the afirementioned gloomy-bloomy person incapable of understanding (not so complex) correlations.

What would you do?