That's the closing price of BGMZF. Price is commiserate with risk. A stock is only worth what people are willing to pay. The main question now is how will information be released to investors? Here, I'm really thinking of all the ways the Company can play for time.

  • Will Snowden audit the entire estimate or just select parts? I know what the recent news release says, but it's still open to interpretation.
  • Will Snowden sign off on the entire estimate and vouch for it's accuracy? Will we see that signature on Sedar?
  • Will we be given the so-called draft estimate in early February? In this way the Company would be able to release high values and pump investor expectations and BGMZF, without actually filing the 43-101. 
  • When the final resource is apparently ready by the end of February, will they release a project summary, like they did on June 28, and then claim the Company still needs more time to file? We're still working on it. We'll get there, just be patient. And don't forget to vote for Frank.


The only legitimate course of action would be to release the estimate results at the exact same time they file, and not one nanosecond sooner.