If you think Cow Mountain is going to be ready to mine soon, I would suggest you call the company and ask the following questions?

How many months of weather Data do they have on the proposed mine?  In the US, you need to actually have your own weather observation eq. in place as part of the permitting process.  Ask them how many months they will need to get the EIS filed?


Ask how many water monitoring wells they have drilled.  Then ask them how many months of data the EIS will need.


Ask how many biological surveys they have done that would meet the requirements for building a mine, not just for exploration.


Ask if they have applied for any water rights and if so how gallons?  Also ask them if they think the water requirements for said mine will affect other holders of water rights in the area?


Ask them how far along on the metallurgy they are and what kind of process cycle they will use?  Ask what consultant they are using for this?


Ask them how far along they are in the PEA?  Who will be doing the PEA, and how long will it take the consultant to finish given the current state of the information needed?


Ask them how many geotechnical holes have been drilled to determine pit wall benches?  Ask how many holes it will take to do such study.  While you are at it, ask if they can be done with the current permits?


Ask how long once all the studies are done it will take for the EIS to be completed, and then ask how long the EIS needs to be in the public’s hand.  Ask them what kind of backfires they expect from both environmental groups and first nations?  How long could these hiccups hold up the EIS?


Ask them if they have selected an engineering firm to look into places to build a mill, tailings dam, design roads, places to store fuel, evaluate ways to bring in power to the site, determine elec. Need, substations, etc.

See if they have looked into permits for the cyanide and have a plan for storage? 


I could keep going on and on.  One of the big differences in a company like BGM and several very successful juniors is that they are addressing these things so that they can hopefully get a premium in a takeover.